Connect with your teens: practical tips for parent-teen bonding

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Building a strong relationship with your teenagers is vital to their growth and development. When your baby arrives, to create a bond with your cute little one is relatively easier …

How to cope and bounce back after divorce

How to cope and bounce back after divorce

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The end of any marriage due to divorce comes with a myriad of questions and mixed emotions. Feelings of losses and hurt can be so strong and may even take …


What you should know about divorce!

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Dissolution of a marriage known as divorce is an upsetting event that happens due to various reasons. Divorce is much more emotional as it is legal. It can be painful, …


Dealing with the news of your child’s disability

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The birth of a child into any home is usually received with great joy and celebration. The once-pregnant mother heaves a sigh of relief, having ended the nine months’ journey …


Managing and improving your family relationships

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Family relationships are an essential part of a family’s wellbeing. The progress and growth of any family are dependent on the relationships that exist among the family members. When these …


Tips for building TRUST in your personal relationships

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Personal relationships are very crucial in our everyday lives. How you manage your relationships will determine how far you can go in life. If you take a close look at …


8 Ways parents can improve their relationship with their teenagers

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Conflicts and misunderstandings between parents and teens are not new. In fact, in recent times, it has been on the rise. Oftentimes, the sources of the conflicts are not easily …


Understanding parent-teen relationships: 10 tips for parents with teens

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Successful teenage parenting and a parent-teen relationship begin from the day the child is born. If not well managed, it goes sour and will be a pain-in-the-neck for both parents …


6 Things to consider when raising children outside your home country

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Living outside one’s home country comes with mixed feelings and a myriad of challenges. Nevertheless, it can turn out to be a wonderful experience. With your bags packed, off you …


Why you need to build TRUST in your relationships

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It is the nature of human beings to be social; this means we all require certain levels of interactions and interdependencies on one another. One of the key ways to …