A mother’s dilemma: what’s next after baby!

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For most new moms, the decision on what to do next after their baby arrives maybe one of the toughest decisions they’ll ever have to make. Whether a new or …


12 Ways to settle in a new country

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Almost 20 years ago, I moved to Germany from Ghana and it took me a very long time to warm up to the German life. In retrospect, I have noticed …


How to care for a sick family member

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Sickness is not something that anyone desires for oneself or his/her family members, but life happens. People get sick with different types of illnesses and at varying durations. Regardless of …


How I started a family-based business

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It’s definitely super exciting having tons of business ideas running in your mind. Of course, like every adventure in life, it’s even fulfilling to picture the people close to you …


Breaking limits in one’s life and family

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Who would have known that the troubled girl would eventually become this woman? Who could have thought that pain, sorrow and trauma would birth a new thinking and that thinking, …

Dazzling_Insights_Whatever you go through in your life will help others

Whatever you go through in your life will help others

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People who have risen above the severe tides of adversities are life’s warriors. The scars of their battles bear the witness of their triumphs. These categories of people are better …


The past doesn’t have to mirror the future: rewriting your family’s History

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“Thinking about what you think about 1 is one of the most profound yet challenging ways to build a better life, become a better person, and change the past of …

dazzling insights_how to resolve issues in marriages

How to resolve issues in marriage relationships

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In marriage, offence will come. But as two mature adults who have made up their minds to spend the rest of your lives together, you must learn the act of …


Being a working mom should not stop your family vacation time!

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Growing up in a single-mother household, we didn’t really get to experience family vacations or any fun unless we went with a friend’s family. It wasn’t until I became an …


8 Reasons no one should condone or tolerate domestic violence

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Domestic violence is an issue that anyone in a relationship (of any kind) should not wish to experience, and I dare to say that no one should mete it out …