What it takes to be an effective leader in your home and society

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A leader is a person who influences his or her sphere. From a broader context, leaders are viewed as people at the helm of affairs, but this is not typically …


What to do when you feel your relationship is not working

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“When giving up is not an option – read through this article and you will discover that there are little things that can make all the difference…” What do you …

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What you should know about domestic violence!

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Building and maintaining a sustainable marital relationship or partnership is crucial to our existence in a society. The home that a child grows up can have a significant influence on …


Being a career woman, mother and wife: tips from my daily experiences

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The life of a woman is an interesting one. Very very interesting, yet demanding. Especially a woman that chooses to be responsible. Being responsible could mean having a career, raising …


Fostering healthy relationships: tested and proven nuggets

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Relationships are indispensable parts of human existence. As it is popularly said, ‘no man is an Island’ – this is the reason we have relationships at every level as long …

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Hellooo! Family and Friends Agreements

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“You deserve better than a handshake, ‘just trust me’ or even a pinky promise.” -Deborah Hutchison Family and friends. That’s who people turn to first when they need help, and …


Facemask: is it a communication barrier for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing around us?

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The sense of hearing is one of the key human senses for everyday use. However, not everyone has this sense fully functional. WHO (2018) suggests that approximately 466 million people …


Why you need to build TRUST in your relationships

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It is the nature of human beings to be social; this means we all require certain levels of interactions and interdependencies on one another. One of the key ways to …