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"Whatever you do, focus on the most important things in life and stay happy"

-Dazzling Insights

Share in our Beliefs!


Our vision is to reach out to billions of families across the globe. Irrespective of our different cultures and beliefs, we are in this together, raising the next generation and we need each other to pull through.


Our mission is to bring healing and restoration to homes and relationships across the globe through sharing insights. We live in a time where the world's systems tend to tear families and relationships apart.  


We focus on family, relationships, and raising children.


We talk what matters!


Family is a great gift and thus deserves all attention, love, & care. Let's talk...


Life functions via the networks of our relationships. Let's share more insights on this vital topic.

Raising Children

Children are super-fun to be with, but they aren't always cute! Raising them can be challenging sometimes. Let's get real on this.


Sometimes, just sharing your thoughts and experiences to a listening ear might be all you need. We are here for you.

Meet your Dazzling Insights Founder

Dazzling Insights is dedicated to sharing and discussing insights on issues relating to families, relationships, and raising of children in our present-day society. I developed this platform to spark off conversations on what really matters through blog posts.


Ijeoma Silas



I am Ijeoma Silas - a wife, mum, and a life coach.

I am really passionate about having conversations on real-life issues (i.e. ...what really matters in life). I like giving talks, writing about, and discussing real issues surrounding families, sustainable human relationships (both personal and professional), and raising children in our current society.

I developed this platform to bring together thoughts on issues that families, relationships, and children face globally at different stages of their lives. I hope this brings hope, healing, restoration, and unparalleled insights to our teaming audience.

Being real about life is what I am best at. I would like to work with you while we share thoughts on families, relationships, and raising kids. So, get in here, and let's talk what really matters.

It's about Dazzling Insights...Let's dazzle together!

Meet your Dazzling Guest Writers

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    Tom Ekpo

    Tom Ekpo is a Teens Life Coach at The Citadel Global Community Church®, Lagos, Nigeria. He is a professional copyeditor, proof-reader, and a prolific writer. 

    Tom is the CEO of TACT Editorial House® - a foremost editorial organisation  that provides professional content development, copyediting, proofreading and copywriting services for individuals and corporate clients.

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    Grace Chinenye Ilori, Ph.D

    Dr. Grace Chinenye Ilori is a dedicated and trained special needs educator. She has a Ph.D in Special Education. Dr. Ilori serves as a teacher and interventionist for children with special needs and their families for over 7 years. She currently consults and trains teachers on special needs' best practices.

    Dr. Ilori's interests include helping children with special needs reach their potential as well as supporting their families. She enjoys her spare time with her family, reads, volunteers and travels.