What it takes to be an effective leader in your home and society

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A leader is a person who influences his or her sphere. From a broader context, leaders are viewed as people at the helm of affairs, but this is not typically …


How grandparents can positively impact the lives of their grandchildren

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Being a grandparent is an awesome blessing that is unquantifiable. But it comes with some responsibilities. These roles, if played well, transcend generations. Grandparents are always super excited to see …


7 Things you need to do before getting into a relationship

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The euphoria of a new love soon withers away like tender flowers when the sun rises high in the sky. The words that used to tickle you, the body that …


Why ‘singles’ need healthy online communities

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As someone who is yet to marry or has chosen to remain single, there is usually a general stereotype that society weaves around your existence. For one, some of your …